WGET Error `http://:8080/’: Invalid host name SOLVED

Some days a go i tried to use wget to download some files from internet, and I alway got the error `http://:8080/': Invalid host name, I read the man page but I couldn’t find anything that help me to solve the problem, then I searched in internet but anything again. So I used Opera to download the files, but I was not quite trying to know the strange behavior of wget but I leaf it in peace.

And now while I was testing a c program which uses extern char **environ I saw environ[10]: http_proxy=http://:8080/, I thought I had the answer to the strange behavior of wget, and I was right.

To solve it do
$ unset http_proxy

And in gnome look at System->preferences->Internet->proxy

Gnome proxy
Be sure to your proxy is well configured or choose direct connection