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iPhone users need carrier authorization to enable hotspot.

Some users whose carrier does allow tethering but does not have a current partner agreement with Apple may have been inadvertently affected by the changes. Most, however, appear to have been abusing the function enable Personal Hotspot without paying additional fees.


“abusing” (sic) without paying additional fees?

Users are already paying for the data between the cellular antenna and their iPhones, that is what the carrier charges for. Why in earth would users pay an additional fee to forward data from the iPhone to a computer ?

Think about this: Alice wants to know which beer Bob wants to drink, Alice calls Bob but, he is taking a shower, so Dave picks up the call and asks Bob which beer he wants, Bob replies “XX Lager”. Dave who is speaking with Alice on Bob’s iPhone says “XX Lager” to Alice.
Should Bob pay an additional fee to his carrier for Dave passing the voice?
Do carriers also charge for voice forwarding ?
This is what Apple says:

Personal Hotspot lets you connect your computers and devices to the Internet using the cellular data connection on your device.
To use this feature, enable Personal Hotspot on your cellular data plan. Contact your carrier for information and pricing.



Escuela de modelación y métodos nuéricos

Pues tuve la oportunidad de asistir a la Escuela de Modelación y Métodos Numéricos este verano en el CIMAT.


Aquí están mis notas

Modelación de Sistemas Biológicos

Scheduling Parallel Distributed Systems



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