This post had been on drafts for a long time but finally got a chance to publish it =)

During 2011, through an agreement between Mexico and Japan1, I had the opportunity to work on Dionea with the insightful guidance of Dr. Norio Sato.
During that time I learned a lot, tried new things, made good friends…. all this while enjoying the beautiful city of Kanazawa.

Thanks everyone!
Here is some material of my work on Dionea:

Dionea Presentation Sep 2011 (Intermediate presentation)

Automatic Recognition and Tracing of Forked Processes by Low-intrusive Type Debugger for Ruby and Python (Report)

Me presenting Dionea

Me presenting Dionea

1.Programa para la Formación de Recursos Humanos en la Asociación Estratégica Global México Japón.


Update: after continuing this work for years, I presented the results in San Francisco at PMAM ’15. Here is the DOI, and here is the PDF of Debugging parallel programs using fork handlers.


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