About sales costs in the software industry

I just took a look at “Estudio de salarios SG 2012“, which reviews the IT salaries in Mexico. In 2012, section “Tipo de actividad” shows that sales positions, i.e. “Preventa / Tech sales”  and “Venta y desarrollo de negocios” have higher salaries than [real] technical positions*.

In a post titled “Why everybody should do Sales!” Felix Wehmeyer from Oracle quotes  Zig Ziglar  Nothing happens until someone sells something. It is true but, if nobody does anything [else than sales], well, there is nothing to sell.

On the other hand, the  database guru Michael Stonebraker, notes that software products are expensive because their associated  sales costs. In his interesting talk “NewSQL vs. NoSQL for New OLTP” at LISA XXV he even says I hate the sales model. I’m with Michael.

So the questions are:

  1. Is necessary to assign budget to [spend money in]  sales?
  2. What would happen if instead of  investing in sales, that money would be invested in making better products, e.g. more extensive testing, level up the level of the programmers, R&D, contribute to the advancement of the field?
  3. If the sales guys are needed, is fair that they get as much or even more than the tech guys?
  4. If so much money is spent in sales [and marketing], is the software industry money (business) oriented rather technology driven ?
  5. ??


*Preventa / Tech sales: 47,341.18 MXN/month
Venta y desarrollo de negocios: 37,140.32 MXN/month
Arquitectura de soluciones 28,183.30 MXN/month


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